Always Have a Part time Job – Soho Escorts

When I started to work in the adult industry in Soho, I soon learned that it is a good idea to have a part time job on the go outside of the adult service. This was the advice I got from a girl that I used to have a strip act with before I joined Soho escorts. She had sort of become really good at, and during her career as a Soho stripper, she had various part time jobs. They ranged from working in a super market to serving drinks in a club


For those of you who are not involved in Soho escorts, it may seem like rather a weird concept, but it is a good idea to have a part time. Be honest with yourself, would you really out Soho escorts on a job application. I really don’t think that you would do so, and this is one of the top reasons why I like to  do it. After you career with Soho escorts from, you may just want to do an ordinary job, and if you put down that you have worked for an escort service in Soho, you may not make the ideal candidate for that job.


There is another good reason as well. Not all Soho escorts agencies I have worked for like to pay the money through the bank. Instead they like to pay you in cash, and that means that you often miss out on paying tax and national insurance. Let’s face it, if they don’t declare tax, you are not going to be able to do it. I have always used my part time jobs to make sure that I pay at least a little bit of national insurance and tax. It sort of gives you a working history if you have not previously had one, and I would recommend to anybody.


Also, having a part time job makes things easier when you meet people outside of Soho escorts. Not everybody that you meet are going to be open minded enough to want to be your friend when you work for an escort agency in Soho. It is better to be honest with yourself from the start and appreciate that you need to be a realist. Sure, it is nice to be be friends with the other girls you work with at Soho escorts, but at the same time, it is nice to have friends outside the business.


I do have a part time job and I love it. My part time job is something else for me to talk about, and it allows me to take a break from Soho escorts a couple of times per week. I don’t mean that I take the entire day off from Soho escorts. But like most escorts in Soho, I work mainly during the evening. That gives me a chance to spend the morning working about four times per week. I also work on the weekend. We may even have met, I am the sexy girl on the customer service desk in a well known Soho express supermarket. And yes, a couple of my gents have seen and wonder what I am doing there.

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