Drunken nights are always the ones that you never remember but everyone else insists on telling you every little detail of what you did

I don’t drink that often it’s not really something that I’ve gotten into however I do really like a gin and tonic there’s something about the business of the drink and the sparkling tonic water that really makes me happy. So on the odd occasion when the girls from Charlotte Paddington escorts and I get together we tend to have a little cocktail party. Majority of the time the parties are at my house or another Charlotte Paddington escorts house of https://charlotteaction.org/paddington-escorts/ called Jenna. Jenna was on shift this night and my house was untidy so we decided to go to another London escort house.


Lisa‘s house was absolutely beautiful we had never been before he was a detached private gated double fronted property in a beautiful secluded part of London. As we pulled up to her front gates waiting for her to open the electric gates we were all gasping with awe at how beautiful her grounds were.


As he walked through the front door we enter into the entrance hall where we see these beautiful centre stairs leading to the second floor. She had beautiful marble floors that were an opaque white. And two strips of soft fluffy carpets that we could work on leading to her kitchen and to her lounge. It was so beautiful I didn’t realise how much money she earns as a London escort. Lisa was slightly older than the rest of us so we just figured that she had made a lot of money over the time that she was a London escort.


He sat down and had drinks and started having a good old laugh talking about work at the agency some of our clients that we have dated at Charlotte Paddington escorts and allsorts of things going on in each other’s lives. After a few drinks I mustered up the courage to ask Lisa how she afforded such a beautiful home. Lisa smiled and said honey I married rich. All of us burst into laughter and started making some jokes about how we all need to find a rich husband like Lisa.


The evening was late and the drinks were still pouring the girls from Charlotte Paddington escorts and I were having the best time ever. At about 1:30 am there was a knock at the door it was Lisa‘s husband and a few of his friends and his younger brother. They have just come back from going to a club and came back to join us for some more drinks. Well but this time I was totally drunk and apparently made a move on Lisa’s husband‘s younger brother. The sad thing is I don’t even remember his name but apparently the girls from London escort told me as soon as he walked in the door and sat down I said straight in his lap and stuck my tongue down his throat. Apparently we haven’t even had a chat or even said hello to each other I just jumped on him. I’ve never felt so embarrassed to hear the story of my life and I really hope I never have to see leases brothers husband again.


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