Josh And Starshine: A Man And His Escort

Josh and his wife have been married for 13 years but the past few months it has become obvious that she no longer enjoys having sex with Josh every week. Josh didn’t know what to do because as a human he needs that interaction!

One night Josh was online looking at different varieties of content and came across an advertisement talking about escorts. Josh was extremely curious and click into one of the advertisements; as he read he was more and more intrigued. Finally, after thinking long and hard Josh decided to hire an escort.

Josh went to this restaurant which is where he arranged for the escort to meet with him. The escort finally arrived after Josh anxiously waited for an hour. They sat down to eat and talked about the different services she provided. Her name was Starshine and Josh was immediately intrigued by her. After they had dinner Starshine asked Josh if he would like to go back to her room and of course, Josh said he would love to.

Starshine and Josh made it into her room after what seemed like 30 minutes of anticipation building inside of Josh. He had never hired an escort so he had no idea what he was in for or how he would feel after his experience. Starshine asked Josh what he would like and Josh replied, “Anything you have to offer me I would love to experience it.”

Starshine giggled and told Josh she would give him a night he would never forget. She told Josh to close his eyes; she then grabbed Josh’ arms and tied them to the framing of her bed, placed a blindfold over his eyes, and tied his feet to the frame at the foot of the bed. Josh had no idea what to expect, Rachel was never this adventurous!

Within seconds he felt a lash of something hit his skin, it was painful but a good painful. Josh sat there in pure bliss, waiting for that next lash. Within seconds, again, she lashed him. After a few times of lashing Josh with her whip Starshine then went very still, and let his curiosity peak. Once she could see he was very curious, she then ran her tongue from the top of his chest to the very top of his penis and let out a little flick on the top of his penis’ head. Josh was so aroused and excited now, and Starshine could see this. She slowly grabbed his cock and twirled her tongue in circles around the tip, literally made him squirm and had him begging for her to let him shove it in her already. Starshine continued teasing Josh for a while and then with the blindfold still on Josh feels something, Starshine sits on top of his cock and starts bouncing up and down, and Josh felt like he was going to explode!

As Starshine was riding Josh he felt something odd, but different, as she was riding him she had gotten one of her toys and was now placing it within Josh and he had a climax that he had never experienced in his entire life.

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