Listen To Her Talk

The gents that I date at London escorts often ask me what relationship mistakes they make. Most of them don’t seem to be able to listen to their partners, and that is actually is actually really tragic. We all like to be listened to, but many of the gents that I know are not very good at listening. A few minutes later they are asking you what you said, and I even find that here at London escorts.

I have a gay male friend and he is really good with listening skills. For some reason most gay guys are really good at listening skills. Even some of the male London escorts that I know are good at listening and I think that is something that I think that they have learned from some of the more senior ladies that they date. Ladies of a certain age do have a habit of pulling up young men on their habits and I think that applies to male London escorts as well.

Why do not men listen? Most men will tell you that they do not listen because they are action takers. I don’t agree with that at all. Many of the gents that I meet at my London escort agency are not action takers at all and they have really bad listening skills. It is interesting to note that the most successful gents that I have met at London escorts have excellent listening skills. They listen to me and their staff it seems. I have a feeling that is why they have all become so successful in business.

Is hearing and listening different? There are huge differences between hearing an listening. I would say that the bast majority of gents that I meet at London escorts hear very well but listening is a concept that they cannot get to grips with at all. Yesterday, I was talking to one of my gents at the best London escort and I told him that his shoe laces were untied. He said okay, and did not realise until he was almost was out of the door that his shoe laces were united. I told him that I had said so, but he claimed that he was a bit “mutton and jeff”. In other words he had not listened.

Men do make me laugh. So much keeps going on in their heads and they do not really focus on the moment. If they lived in the moment a bit more, and paid attention, I am sure that they would have better listening skills. We are all wired differently. I have told several of the gents that I meet at London escorts that women get turned on by good listening skills. It is true, I love to go out on date with a guy who really listens to me. It really turns me on and makes me feel special. This is where I think that a male London escort wins hands down. They have learned that listening skills are the right way to a woman’s heart.

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