Sexiest Underwear worn by Wandsworth escorts

Here at Wandsworth Escorts from we love our little surveys. Fortunately for us we have several panels of escorts who like to help us with our surveys. This week we would like to throw the spot light on lingerie and underwear. What does most escorts and ladies who are members of the general public like to wear? Do they go for fashion statements or do they prefer to wear what they are comfortable in? Our savvy team of escorts hit the nation’s capital with bags of lingerie to show the ladies to find out what they liked to wear, and what they didn’t like. We also asked our escorts to find out where most ladies shopped for their underwear. Did most ladies still favor Marks and Spencer, and Debenhams, or do they now shop online? Let’s see what our escorts found out.

It is just something special about that feeling of leather against bare naked skinned. It seems to put us in touch with our prime urges, and gives us almost a feeling of nakedness. Leather is really expensive in the UK so you may that a lot of escorts have had to subdue their leather fetishes. However, whenever I travel to warmer climates such as Morocco or Egypt, I make sure I pick up plenty of leather wear for myself and my escorts friends.

I am not so sure that you can call underwear a fetish but it is true that most people like a special type of underwear. Most escorts I know prefer standard lacy frilly knickers but I also know quite a few who likes to wear leather. Leather is a very comfortable material to wear, and a good quality leather can be easily cleaned. Growing up in the Middle East, leather was everywhere. It was cheap and it was used for a little bit of everything. A friend’s mom used to make us little leather skirts, and that is how I got into leather. My wardrobe is full of different leather gear, and I just love the feeling against my skin. A lot of people presume that leather can be very hard to the touch but a good quality leather is soft to the touch and very comfortable.

Escorts in Wandsworth think Lace is best

Lacy knickers and fetish underwear are becoming more and more popular. We used to spend money on buying cheap lacy and fetish knickers but now we are prepared to spend a bit more. Leading lingerie retailers have seen a rise in the sale of quality goods. It seems that the ladies who like to shop on the more “risky” end of the market are prepared to spend a bit more. Many of them are looking for quality rather than quantity, and the average is spend has gone up. Interestingly enough findings by our escorts suggest that most ladies like to shop for the more “interesting stuff” online rather than in stores.

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