Think about yourselves – White City Escorts

What annoys me about some of my colleagues at White City escorts, is that they don’t think for themselves at all. I have always had to think for myself and I think that has made a huge difference in my life. When you think for yourself, you often start to act on your own initiative and I think that is good. But then again you get those people who want everything done for them, and I feel that many of the girls from White City escorts fall into that category. Am I critising them? I guess that I am a little bit when I come to think about it.


If you have found a good deal, should you share with others? Since I have been living on my own, I have learned that it is very important to take advantage of good deals when they come along. But I am not sure that I should be sharing them with others. The girls that I work with at White City escorts from are really nosy, and always seem to want something. If I told them about my good deals, they would probably love it, but they would always push for more ideas.


Most of the girls at White City escorts actually go through life pretty skint if I am honest. They seem to be spending their money on all sorts of things that they really don’t need. I am all for sensible about stuff, but I guess that many of them wonder where my nice clothes and car come from. It is not exactly a secret. The clothes I bought myself and the car came from my Sugar Daddy. I told him that I needed a car, and he agreed to help. He has this friend who owns a garage, they did a deal and the car turned about a week later. I paid half price compared to what you should pay for a car like that.


At times I feel really guilty that I don’t share what goes on in my life. The other girls at White City escorts think that I am a bit of a snob, and I don’t always get out asked for nights out with the girls. When I first started with the agency it really bothered me, but now it does not bother me at all. I know that I am the only elite escort at the agency, and most of the time, I just put it down to jealousy. One day, I will move on and they may just be stuck in their own little worlds.


The problem with White City escorts is that the girls come from all different backgrounds. Some of them are very poor and many of them are just here to work for their families. I don’t know what is going to happen when Brexit goes through, but I can see a lot of these girls going back to their own home countries. Do they really belong here? I am not so sure that they do. Many of them don’t want to pay tax, and I have to admit that some of them will even do almost anything for a few extra bucks. That is not me at all. So if you are onto a good thing, perhaps you had better keep it to yourself.



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